Satisfied customers are what fuels Athletic Alliance to be all it can be. We are humbled by all the wonderful testimonials from athletes that use our products. Below we have compiled some of those testimonials. If you would like to submit a testimonial, Click here! We look forward to hearing about your experience with Athletic Alliance products.

5 Stars
"Just wanted to take time to post on the page about the fantastic supplement line going on at Athletic Alliance. I started a few weeks ago with Havok-137 and Sandman GH. My sleeping patterns have never been better and workouts are fantastic as well. I have since added Regen X and Brainstorm to my routine as well. I can honestly say overall my mood has improved, positive outlook has returned and look forward to hitting the gym each day. Glad to support you guys and will continue."

Jeff Hooper

5 Stars
"Since taking BRAINSTORM I have noticed myself focusing better under pressure and for longer periods of time. I had a strong top 16 finish recently in the World Chinese 8 Ball Championships which was my first time using BRAINSTORM in competitive play. It would be an honor and privilege to endorse and use these products."

John Morra (Professional Pool Player)

5 Stars
"I compete in the Men’s 69 kg (152 lb) category in Olympic Weightlifting. As a national-level competitive athlete in a sport that is divided into weight classes, the ability to make weight is paramount to competition success, and Athletic Alliance’s Burner has been instrumental for my competition preparation. During any given training cycle, my bodyweight rests at around 75 kg (165 lb), which is almost a full weight class higher. I use Burner to help me make weight for competitions not only because the product is fast acting and effective, but it does not hinder athletic performance by alleviating the stress placed on my body using the traditional methods of dehydration and calorie restriction. For my last competition, I was able to cut almost 20 lb in less than two weeks with the help of Burner. With this product, I am energized to carry on with rigorous training, with the added bonus of training worry-free of what the scale will read. I am confident that I will make weight each time, and I do not have to make drastic changes to my diet and fluid intake. I highly recommend Burner for any athlete competing in a sport that is divided into weight classes or who simply wants to maintain or reach a target weight."

Cheng Xu (Olympic Weight Lifter)

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